Sunday, July 10, 2016

This is me

I remember in high school when I ran for fun. When I participated in dance, basketball and volleyball. I remember a time when I couldn't care less about what I ate. I never thought about weight.

Fast forward to many, many years later. I wasn't feeling well and had no idea what was going on. I had a fever, was throwing up, burning while going to the bathroom, horrific cramps. It boiled down to kidney stones and a urinary tract infection.

While I was at my doctor, they decided to do some blood work and other tests. I was told that I had sugar in my urine.

Two days later, I got the call saying that I had Type 2 diabetes. I was taken by surprise. Although I wasn't really shocked. I didn't exercise. I wasn't eating healthy. I had gestational diabetes with my youngest. I was a prime candidate.

I cried. I cried a lot.

Since that day, I have taken diabetic nutrition classes, started diabetic medications including insulin. I joined Weight Watchers and the YMCA.

I decided to change. I didn't want to share my problems, and really kept everything to myself. But I needed help. I had questions. So I "came out" of the diabetic closet on Facebook.

I have had so many people support me through emails, texts, comments, likes...the support has been amazing. I am so blessed.

So why start a blog? Because I am an over share-r. Because I need support. Because I need motivation. Because I have a long way to go. Because its who I am. Because I am doing it my "weigh".

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